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What is Pine Straw?

High Quality Pine Straw

Pine straw is composed of pine needles from a pine tree. It is great for landscaping because pine straw insulates the soil from temperature fluctuations.   Pine straw is excellent on hills and slopes because the needles interlock after spreading and keep the pine straw from moving, even after heavy rain.

Why Use Quality Pine Straw?

Not all pine straw is the same. Lower quality pine straw does not give produce the same polished results of quality pine straw.  At CJ Pinestraw Inc. we only use quality pine straw.  Since 2006 our customers have raved about the quality of our product and our professional installation.

How often should Pine Straw be installed? 

If the straw is being used to protect plants and add to the soil, it should be installed annually. If it is being used for decorative purposes, it should be installed twice a year. Most of our customers request us to install their pine straw in the spring and in the fall, before the onset of winter. Pine straw is effective at protecting the roots of plants and trees during the cold months.


Please call CJ Pine Straw Inc. today at 678-778-2003 to Schedule an Appointment!

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